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10,000 Diapers


A few weeks ago, my wife was away for a full day, so I got to spend the whole time just hanging around the house with kids. I love days like this. The only thing that would make it better is to have her home all day too, but it always seems like there’s something happening to interrupt the long blocks of time at home. Well, on this particular day, my one and a half year old boy seemed to have some kind of minor stomach bug that kept me busier than usual changing diapers. He’s number six and the More >


Have a Vision for your Kids


One of the things that has become increasingly important to me is to have a vision for my children’s future. When we were new parents, we thought about this a little, but for me, it was just a vague idea, not an explicit, intentional one. We wanted them to be “happy”, but didn’t really define it any more than that. As our oldest kids started to grow, to develop personalities and interests, I became more aware of the possibilities for them and all of the things happening now, that would influence their future.

In business, we define mission statements, vision More >


Your Most Important Relationship Part 1


What is your most important relationship for your children? The one that requires the most focus, the most nurturing and often faces the most challenges?  The one that has the most effect on your children and sets the tone for your family?  No, its not with the kids, its your marriage.  It is very important how you relate to your kids, and your relationships with them are something you need to be attentive to.  However, your relationship with your wife is just as important to them, although they may not realize it.

When you and your wife are getting along, More >

Super Dad

What Makes a Great Dad?


The art of being a great dad starts with the desire to be a great dad.  If you’re reading this, you must already have some of that desire.  But what is a great dad anyway?  Is it the guy who coaches all his son’s sports teams?  The dad who can afford a car for his teenager?  The one who buys his kids cotton candy at the fair or never misses a ballet performance?  Your kids might say you’re the greatest if you do these things.

Maybe its the dad who gets up at 2:00 AM to take care of the More >

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