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A Great Dad Knows (and Does) What is Important


Thanks for stopping by for the third installment of my 7 Habits series.  If you’re new to PF or this series and want to get caught up, start here.

The third habit that Covey describes is to Put First Things First.  The focus for this habit is prioritizing.  It is about focusing on what matters most and on managing your time (and other resources) optimally.  It comes as the third habit for a reason.  Without living intentionally and proactively (habit one) and knowing what your purpose is (habit two), you can’t begin to establish and act upon More >


Are You a Successful Dad?


You may have noticed that I’ve been on hiatus from writing for a while (at least I hope you have).  It has been a rough stretch for me and my family.  Along with the usual busyness of life, there have been some things going on that have drained my motivation to write.  The good thing is that periods of pain and struggle are usually closely followed by periods of growth.  We rejoice in our sufferings, right?    I’m glad to be back writing.  Thanks for reading.

How do you measure success in life?  Status, popularity, a More >


The Dad Who Can Fly


My four year old son is really into super heroes right now. He loves to play with little action figures and Legos and says things like “this guy can shoot fire from his sword and this guy uses his freeze ray to stop him.” “Dad, this guy is your team’s leader, he can fly and his shield protects him from anything .”

We all love super heroes. The idea of having the ability to beat the bad guys , to save the innocent victims and make the world a better, safer place with your mere presence is really compelling. Who More >


Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!


When was the last time you did something bold for your family?

Something that involved some risk, took you out of your comfort zone, involved sacrifice or rocked the status quo?  Great things can come from bold moves.  Bold moves can add adventure and excitement to your life, they can create memories that will last forever, they can permanently affect the culture of your family or change the trajectory of your kid’s lives, forever.

I know you’ve made bold moves before.  You promised your wife you’d be at her side until death.  That’s pretty bold.  You decided to bring new More >


2011 New Year’s Resolution: Exercise Less


I think it’s great that so many people make resolutions at this time of year.  I know this mostly comes from the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another, but for me, it’s about a change of season.  There are three times during the year where I am more inclined to reflect on my current habits, my goals and where my life is heading.  Roughly, the milestones for me are Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Year’s Day.

Memorial Day is the beginning of summer.  School is ending and many of our other activities are taking a More >

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