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10 Strategic Moves for Dads in 2013


The dust has settled on Christmas, but resolutions are fresh and resolve is still strong,  Now is a great time to glance briefly back, then turn your full attention forward.  No matter how 2012 went for you as a dad, 2013 can be better.

When I evaluate how I am doing for my six kids, I always seem to come back to these areas.  Dads in America leave so much opportunity on the table.  I think these ten strategic moves will help you to begin

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A Great Dad Knows (and Does) What is Important


Thanks for stopping by for the third installment of my 7 Habits series.  If you’re new to PF or this series and want to get caught up, start here.

The third habit that Covey describes is to Put First Things First.  The focus for this habit is prioritizing.  It is about focusing on what matters most and on managing your time (and other resources) optimally.  It comes as the third habit for a reason.  Without living intentionally and proactively (habit one) and knowing what your purpose is (habit two), you can’t begin to establish and act upon More >


A Great Dad Leads Courageously


Years ago, before we had kids, I studied a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey that would eventually shape my perspective on being a dad.  It has become my favorite parenting resource.  I’ll talk about the second habit on this article.  If you have not read about this first, check it out here.

All the 7 Habits have their place, but this is one that I am most passionate about.  The habit is to Begin with the End in Mind.  It seems simple, but is so often overlooked.  As men, and More >


A Great Dad Rejects Passivity


In my last article I shared the book that has influenced my parenting style the most.  As I reflected back on all the books, classes, small groups, magazines, blogs, podcasts and mentors that have influenced me, it became clear that one stood above the others.

There are a lot of great parenting resources, but the one book that has shaped my style the most doesn’t even have a parenting focus.  Instead, it gives a perspective, a context with which to use all the other tools.  This is a book that I not only read, but studied.  I first read More >


My Favorite Parenting Resource


Recently we were involved in picking the curriculum for the next parenting class at our church.  It got me thinking about all the parenting resources we have used over the last 15 years.  Books, videos, classes, seminars, magazines and blogs.  There is so much information out there.  So many opinions, so many perspectives, so many people telling us the right way to do it.  Tips, tricks, techniques and even gimmicks.

When we were new parents, we sought the magic formula, the one book or class with all the answers.  We were hungry to learn how to handle the huge new More >

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